Interactive Database Lookup and Field Auto-Correction

Interactive Database Lookup and Field Auto-Correction

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Interactive Database Lookup and Field Auto-Correction Utility for Kofax Capture

An easy to configure utility collection for Kofax Capture and KTM, which allows OCR/ICR correction and database lookups to be configured with little programming involved.

dcUTIL_DotNet is a powerful tool which will check the results of ICR/OCR recognition and automatically make changes to correct those results. The utility can be used at Recognition to correct ICR/OCR errors, or atValidation/Verification to correct manual keying errors.

dcUTIL_DotNet also allows you to define interactive database lookups with far greater flexibility than the standard Kofax database validation. You can search on exact matches, partial matches, and even fuzzy matches across multiple columns.

dcUTIL_DotNet allows you to call a standard windows file/folder browser from with Validation, and you can even send text to an interactive spell checker.

Further information is available at:
Evaluation expires end October 2014
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