Interactive Multi-Field Database Lookup

Interactive Multi-Field Database Lookup

Postby » Mon Sep 15, 2014 2:51 am

flexSEARCH is a dynamic interactive multi-field database lookup utility for Kofax Capture/KTM.

With flexSEARCH you just need to point to a database, determine which columns you want included in the search and whether you want an AND or OR search. flexSEARCH does the rest for you - all the form design and SQL is generated automatically - meaning you can use the same utility for as many different lookups as you need with no form redesign, and no SQL editing.

Users can enter as many fields as they like and then carry out an 'exact' search or a 'flexible' search.

flexSEARCH can search in text files, excel sheets, Access, SQL and many more...

David Crewe

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