Web validation and document reclassification in script

Web validation and document reclassification in script

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Has anyone a clue why document reclassification in web validation using script requires all fields to be valid before reclassification works? I wanted to do easy reclassification with buttons (in validation - sometimes there is an attachment with an invoice, sometimes it's just something that should not be there at all...). It works flawlessly in fat client. no problems. But in web validation it does not work... Just shows "Processing" for a moment and then it's all the same... But if all fields on a form are valid, reclassification works but leaves document not valid... Anyway, the new class does not have any fields, so there is also no need to carry over data..
and in code it's just
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pxdoc.reclassify("new class",1)

It's KTM 5.5..

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Re: Web validation and document reclassification in script

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Do you mean KTM Thin Client Validation?

There is no requirement for all fields to be valid to reclassify - I'm working on a project at the moment that does this just fine.

One point I would make, if you have a button other than the built in DBLookupButton, it won't work in Thin Client as the events are not supported. You would need to maybe have a check box on the form, and have the reclassification run in the FieldConfirmed event for that checkbox (you can't use Changed event as this also isn't supported in Thin Client).

It's also worth checking with Kofax for fix packs and known issues as we have come across plenty of these with different SP/FP levels and different browsers and browser versions. Thin Client is great, but to get it working successfully can be hard work, and you lose a lot of the rich features you have in fat client...
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