Important - a simple way to corrupt the project

Important - a simple way to corrupt the project

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Following is tested with KTM Project builder

I have discovered a way how to break the project file. so it is not possible to create new validation rules and inheritance between subclasses validation rules is lost.

How it happens:
1. create empty project, create one class to work with.
2. add some fields and table field
2 add table locator. For table model - just create one with couple fields.
3. Attach teable locator to table field
4. Create invoice validation method. (any multi-field rule works, this one is built-in, so it is easy to use)
5. Create new multi-filed validation rule, tick checkbox "Validation rule works on all rows..." and select the table field you created. In field mapping add some table fields and some ordinary fields.
6. Create subclass
7. check - the validation rule is listed as inherited in subclass
8. in subclass, go to locators, select table locator, press copy method.
9. in subclass, go to fields, select table field and attach subclass's own table locator to this field.
10. Now go to the validation rules. Count how many validation rules you see....
11. Try to create validation rule in parent class. Error message "Invalid Argument[765] is displayed.
12. Congratulations, You have mamaged to break the project file. Get the backup and restore your project

What it really means - If You have ANY multi-field rules that work on tables and you have some subclasses, where You want to use tweakes table locator, then YOU have to remove ALL table-connected validation rules from project, before mapping table locator to table field in subclass. If You do not doit, the You have two options:
1. Restore project from backup
2. Recreate project from scratch...
The project that has been damaged this way is not repairable. Project builder does not detect it and allows you to work with the project as before. the same is with KC. But in real life You will start seeing strange error messages about validation rules and unexplained behaviour in other scripted code - as skipping events for example (this may be caused by some other bug...)

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