KTM6 Combo behaviour changed from KTM5

KTM6 Combo behaviour changed from KTM5

Postby » Wed Apr 29, 2015 5:39 pm

Hi All.
We're finally getting to upgrade from KTM5 to KTM6, and I've noticed a number of changes in behaviour of the combo box.
I've been able to work around the new features using dicts with replacement values (I was using them differently), but one little tiny thing has me a little frustrated.

I have a Dictionary style combo, behavior = Free content. This allows my users to start typing in a name, and for it to match as they type.
KTM5 behaviour on this is that if you start typing, then use the down-arrow, it goes to the next item in the list. KTM6 behaviour on the down-arrow is to go to the next field.
However, down-arrow goes through the list if the combo box is open, which I would love to open when they start typing, but a lack of api means that I can't see how to.

So, this will all result in either more keystrokes (in some cases typing in the entire text value), or keystrokes -> mouse click -> down-arrow, which I think is pretty slow.
Has anyone looked into this?
Any thoughts on a fast workaround?
I'd love to be able to open the combo without clicking on the arrow, but I don't think this is possible at all. That would be my preferred solution.
- Hayden
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Re: KTM6 Combo behaviour changed from KTM5

Postby » Thu Apr 30, 2015 1:28 am

Maybe using Crtl+Down arrow (or shift/alt instead of ctrl) will do the trick.
Best Regards,

Daniel Kekesi
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