Accessing spreadsheets from KTM

Accessing spreadsheets from KTM

Postby Hayden » Mon Nov 21, 2016 3:17 pm

Hi All.
We may be receiving some Excel spreadsheets, which our business would like to be handled the same way as the paper or pdf versions of the same types of documents.
Not ideal using KTM to deal with this, but, I'm having a look anyway.
I can work out how to read the XLS via KTM Script, and I think I might be able to use that to populate the cells of a table.... All rather complex, and I'd prefer to do it another way, but I may not have too much choice. The spreadsheets will be in a number of different formats (10+ layouts), or no real format at all, but there will be rows & columns...

Has anyone else done anything like this?
- Hayden
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