Ascent Capture 7.5

Ascent Capture 7.5

Postby » Sun Mar 28, 2010 10:27 pm

Has any-one used AC 7.5? The upgrade to Kofax Capture is coming soon, but we still use AC 7.5. I need to improve the quality of images, especially forms and ID photos (pdf format). Currently they are in Black & White, so not very clear. When I change to Greyscale or Color they are OK, but the scanner (Canon DR 90-80C) slows down. We have VRS. I will appreciate assistance.
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Re: Ascent Capture 7.5

Postby » Mon Mar 29, 2010 6:03 am

9080C with VRS is crap. Canon and Kofax keeps pointing to each other for years so the only solution is to throw the Canon away and buy a decent scanner like Fujitsu/Kodak/Panasonic. Canon scanners also have really bad image quality out-of-the-box and they bring the rated speed only with their own software which in turn is not suitable for high volume enterprise processing.
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Re: Ascent Capture 7.5

Postby » Tue Mar 30, 2010 1:15 pm

You say scanning in Grayscale is slower than scanning in black and white with VRS? That's odd, since VRS forces the scanner to run in grayscale. In that situation, I'd look at network or disk issues. They may not be keeping up with the larger filesize that grayscale creates.

If you're seeing higher speeds when scanning black and white without VRS - well, some scanners do slow down when in grayscale mode. That's a sign of a cheap scanner. (Or perhaps a USB port running at 1.x speed instead of 2.0)
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Re: Ascent Capture 7.5

Postby » Wed Aug 25, 2010 12:54 pm

An intersting problem. How to get good quality photos and still do cost effective ocr/icr on text from the very same document. I know the initial post is old, but it would be intersting to hear from anyone having experience with this challange.

As for the Canon document scanner, well I do agree it has some potenial substantial downsides in a Kofax implementation, but if you are lucky with your document types and recognitions requirements, well, it is ok as long as you keep within mid range volumes per day. Canon has a plus when it comes to general robustness and paper feeding I think. Obviously, it has a given performance range (yeah, I have seen document scanners being ten times at fast, but also costing ten times as much to buy).

But again.., with slightest unluck one can get amazingly strange and annoying behaviour with VRS with the brain childs of Canon. Personaly, I would rather point an acusing finger at Canon partially because they are so big and don't care enough to actually do something, but it is all rather like a broken pen. Pointless. :cry:

By the way, how on eath does anyway scan a proper id document without a plain flat bed scanner? Surely you dount consider a photo copy of a passport or driving license as a good material in this respect?
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