Ascent capture - 8 Licensing and configuration

Ascent capture - 8 Licensing and configuration

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Hi folks,

Good Morning,

We are working on a backlog project. There are approximately 600K documents for scanning which consist of A4 & A3 size sheets. I ma confused about the Ascent capture - 8 and its licensing and configuration.

Our Scope : Full Project will be done by us

    Scan the documents with Ascent Capture – 8 (2 scanning station
    Keep it locally on the Ascent capture for the later on migration to the EDMS.
    Send it online to the EDMS (MOSS– 2007)
Our Requirements
    Ascent Capture – 8 Volume License for 600K
    Concurrent Station – 2nos – (Please let me know your comments on this)
    VRS license for tow scanning station – Is it required for Ascent Capture - 8

I would appreciate if anyone can explain to me on the follwoing points;
concurrent station
Is donge a part of Ascent capture Volume Licence and Concurrent station?
I am currently running a project with AC 7.5. But i cannot use that dongle for this project. So please let me know what all shoud i purchase from Kofax to start the project.

Please send me your best recommendations so that i can work on this project soon. .

Thanks & Regards,
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Postby » Wed Aug 06, 2008 6:46 am

you need your volume license plus 2 full station licenses.

How about release? Will one of your two stations do the release or will it be a server? If a server, you'll need 3 full station licenses. If you're releasing in the evening, you can go cheap by stopping the release during the day and run release in the evening then stop it during the day. I wouldn't go that route though, since there will be a lot of work stopping and starting the service.

VRS is not required, but I would recommend it. What scanner are you using? Maybe it comes with VRS Basic or even Pro?
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Postby » Wed Aug 06, 2008 12:52 pm

You can buy VRS separately and have it licensed on the station itself. That way it's not on the dongle and I think it's cheaper in the long run.

All other licenses are on a single dongle placed on the server.
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Postby » Thu Aug 07, 2008 1:50 am


For VRS I suggest looking for scanners, that have VRS bundled. This is true if You do not have scanners yet. Having the VRS on the AC license is good, if You have more scanners that need VRS and they are not in use at the same time. So You will have VRS licenses, that can move from one station to another. But You have to check what VRS licenses You need - it depends on the scanner model. But in general You have only two options - Workgroup or Production... Most scanners fit under Workgroup license and many scanners that need Production license have already VRS bundled....

And talking about MOSS release - there are some issues with it. If you are using only ASCII character set or localized AC, then You will not notice them.

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Postby » Thu Aug 07, 2008 11:25 am

Hando Penu wrote:But in general You have only two options - Workgroup or Production.

That's true for VRS Professional. But there is only one Basic.
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Postby » Thu Aug 14, 2008 10:01 am

Hi Diju,

I would recommend phone calling our local sales office to provide you detailed solution proposal and to have all your questions answered. You might be also interested to learn what our product offerings are beyond late archiving, or at least how to make it most efficient for this particular project of yours. You can find the contact details of the Kofax sales reps near you by following this link:

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