Licensing Dongles Question

Licensing Dongles Question

Postby » Wed Sep 24, 2008 7:53 am

I am just wondering for the future how these exactly work.

We have one setup as a server/workstation all in one with a dongle that has a monthly 25K limit.

We have a seperate Server/Client setup with a dongle that seems to have 2 licensing things attached to it? 75K & 25K? But since this setup has one scanner that only the server PC can do the actual scanning, doesn't that just take the full 100K there? I don't understand how the client licensing works I guess.

Which goes along with another question on the first setup with the server/workstation all in one with the 25K license... what if now we want to add a client to that server? Do I need a new dongle for the client or another for the server? Or can that existing 25K dongle need to modified to now include to PCs??

Or if anyone can direct me to a more knowledgable area about this stuff, that would be helpful too. Thanks
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