AC 7.5 and Windows 7

AC 7.5 and Windows 7

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Is Ascent Capture 7.5 compatible with Windows 7 ? Kofax Capture is on the list but I can't find AC 7.5.
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Re: AC 7.5 and Windows 7

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- AC 7.5 is no longer supported.
- KC8 is supported only until the end of this year. It is supported up through Vista.
- KC9 is the first version that is supported under Windows 7.
- Because of a number of changes under Vista, I seriously doubt AC 7.5 will work properly.
- If you are under SWA, there is no cost to upgrade.
- The current version is KC10, but it has a very different user interface (think Office 2007). But you can upgrade to KC9 without retraining users.
- Xtrata disappears as of KC10. A limited KTM license takes care of most of that, but not if you were using Xtrata for document separation.
- Note that one OCR engine disappears in KC9, but you can get a license to get it back if it proves to be a problem.
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