Licensing & HA

Licensing & HA

Postby » Tue May 29, 2007 1:43 am

Just wondering how pricing and licence count works when two licensing servers are available in a failover configuration.
Is the backup dongle same price as the primary one?
Should the two dongles contain the exact same amount of licenses?
In case the primary license serveris unavailable, the licenses are taken from the secondary one. Once the primary server is online again does it retrieve the "licensing state" from the secondary server?


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Postby » Tue May 29, 2007 3:49 am

Hi Laurent,

I will assume you are asking about the latest version of Ascent, 7.5. You can then purchase the so called Enterprise edition which allows you to install Ascent server in a SQL Server Cluster to provide failover.

With Enterprise edition you get a second dongle with the same serial number that contains exactly the same information as the primary one. You simply place both dongles on two different license servers and if one license server goes down, the system keeps running due to the fact that the secondary license server will be utilized.

This works basically in the same way as if one of the clustered database servers goes down, the other one will take charge.

Pricing is fairly simple, Enterprise costs 25% more than the standard Ascent for all volume and station license. But you don't need to pay extra for options, like PDF+Text, Xtrata Pro and ACIS (remote full station is subject to the 25% increase though).

If you however are interested in Disaster Recovery (DR) license, which basically means that you have two separate installation sites, then you should ask your local sales rep for an offer since this can depend on the required functionality of the DR site.

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