Service Release 1 for 2.4 available

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Service Release 1 for 2.4 available

Postby » Wed Oct 08, 2008 5:42 am

Service Release 1 is available for download here:

This version contains a few bug fixes and some cosmetic changes to the trace file.

- memory access violation exception
- trace file rotation did not work properly
- problem saving formatting scripts with | operator
- fixed handling of certain exception cases
- exceptions are now printed on one line in the trace file
- version of release script is indicated in trace file
- the name of the trace file indicates which process created it (release vs. admin)
- SLD registration enabled: During installation you can register the application

Upgrade Process:
1. Close Administration and Release module (incl. service)
2. Uninstall 2.4
3. Install 2.4 SR1
4. Start Release service again (if configured)

Please note:
You do not need to change anything in your batch classes. There are no changes on SAP side required.

Also note:
The version schema change slightly. SR1 has DLL version 2.4.1.####. The initial release seems to have a higher version because we did not manually set the 3rd position of the version string in previous releases.
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