Database lookup via RFC

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Database lookup via RFC

Postby thebluesman » Mon Mar 16, 2009 5:30 am

Hi guys,

Small question about a database lookup via the RFC. I know this is the ERP release topic, but it is a RFC question.

The post is registered in SAP, they print a barcode, then scan.
In the validation they want to check if they put the right sticker on the right post-item.
I need a database lookup with RFC instead of ODBC to validate the information.
I've searched this forum/google, but can't find anything.

ERP 2.4 sr1 release

Is there someone who can help me (with some (sbl)code/documentation)

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Re: Database lookup via RFC

Postby » Wed May 27, 2009 12:00 pm

KCEC-ERP no longer supports the Lookup module that is still mentioned in the manual.

You can however still communicate with SAP using scripting. Here is help from SAP on how to do this: ... ameset.htm

The major difference with an ODBC lookup is that someone will have to write an RFC function module that you can call from your script. Such a function module might be fairly simple, but it is better to always use a custom function module to isolate the SAP system from any unwanted actions.

You will need to install the SAP GUI on all machines that do the the lookup.
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