KTM/SAP - Which Export Connector??

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KTM/SAP - Which Export Connector??

Postby sanderson82 » Wed Jan 25, 2012 4:01 pm

Quick background...

KC9 exporting to Content Manager and SAP. To export to SAP I'm using the Commonstore for SAP export connector which allows me to archive the image in Content Manager, which Commonstore creating a link to the image in SAP. This also exports 3 fields (barcode, receipt date and supplier code) to the AP Inbox when a new doc is created. (I have 6 different batch classes with 6 dif transaction codes/doc types, ZMIRO, ZF-60 etc etc)

Currently working through my KTM CBT training (fun!) which will then hopefully turn into a project to try and "automate" invoice processing in SAP (and a couple of other ERP systems). In case anyone asks, we have looked at Markview, and this is likely to come later when SAP becomes the single ERP system with our enterprise, wouldn't achieve great ROI at this time.

Anyways...my question is....

I plan to extract all required invoice data from the invoices, do my 3 way matching etc etc using an ODBC connection to the Oracle DB behind SAP. From this I want to then populate the fields within the invoice processing screens at export. ie reference number, amount, tax, vat code, reject reason etc.

Will I be able to export these fields using my current CS for SAP connector, or will I have to also add the SAP ERP export connector to the batch to export these fields? Or would have even have to get cheap and nasty and use the database export connector and my ODBC connection?

Thanks in advance for anyhelp....PS i've haven't been able to have a play with anything yet as I'm waiting to get access to the DEV SAP system and db.
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Re: KTM/SAP - Which Export Connector??

Postby rolf.reul@kofax.com » Sat Feb 18, 2012 5:09 am


from what I know Commonstore doesn't have an option to assign it to a transaction code/ function module and only creates a workitem in the SAP inbox. So you will have to test yourself, if it works in your scenario.
But I can confirm, that KCEC-ERP can export all data from your scenario according to your requirements

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Re: KTM/SAP - Which Export Connector??

Postby dkekesi » Tue Feb 21, 2012 2:08 am

We have an exact same system working at a customer for about 6 years now. Currently it is running KC9+KTM5 and exports to CommonStore via the CS Export connector from Kofax. We export a bunch of data (about 15+line items) into CommonStore. It is possible, but here comes the problem you face: this customer has significant in-house SAP development resources so they developed the interface between CS and SAP so that all data arriving into CS will be booked via FV60 or MIR7 transactions in SAP. This is what the ERP export connector lets you achieve. We have other customers using the ERP export connector, but we found that it does not let you do automated SAP transaction launch without customization (especially when FV60 is needed). So the ERP export is fine, but be prepared for some SAP development. If you stay with the CS export connector, you will have to develop a lot more in SAP. I suggest you evaluate the ERP export connector and try to figure out if it suits your needs. If I were you I'd go for the ERP version and dump the CS export connector.
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Re: KTM/SAP - Which Export Connector??

Postby sanderson82 » Fri Apr 06, 2012 2:09 pm

I have a futher question on this...no point in creating a new post :-)

I've had a look at the ERP connector and the required SAP development and I think this is the direction we should go.

My query relates to the image and how this can be viewed in SAP. Currently Commonstore stores the image in content manager under a specific item type and creates an archivelink in SAP. End users have the Commonstore viewing client installed on their PC which allows them to view the image from within SAP (all be it in a seperate window with the default viewing client for TIFF's specificed in the CS viewing client config.

Would KCEC-ERP still allow me to store the images in Content Manager and make them accessible from within SAP? And if so how could I go about achieving this?


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