Export subfoldering wrong

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Export subfoldering wrong

Postby mirodonie.george » Thu Apr 12, 2012 3:20 am


I would like an answer to a question.
I have kofax 9.0 and I want to make some folders with some JPEG.

The problem is at the export the folder where I want to put the JPEGs is making a sub-folder with the number "2".
I don't want this sub-folder because i want to import the JPEGs into other program and I want the pictures to be saved into the main folder.
I tried with multipage TIFF - JPEG compression and JPEG - JPEG compression and at the export he exports a file like this:

i want to give me the output like this: teste\PRM1\1.jpg

Thanks you,

George Mirodonie
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Re: Export subfoldering wrong

Postby DavidCrewe » Thu Apr 19, 2012 2:47 am


This is standard behaviour. You are releasing JPEG which is a single page format. When you release single page format in Kofax it will create a folder per document (000049B7) and put the pages into this. In this case 1.jpeg is page 1.

If you want to have different functionaliy you will need to release a multi-page format (TIFF or PDF for example) or use a different release script.

You could look at http://www.davidcrewe.com/texpro.html it is a custom script I developed which will allow what you want I think.


David Crewe
David Crewe

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