Batch class monitoring on a file share

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Batch class monitoring on a file share

Postby jconnelly » Tue Aug 09, 2016 7:44 am

Can a Kofax batch class be created to monitor a network file share and when documents are uploaded to the file share location be moved automatically to another file share or SharePoint library/folder?
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Re: Batch class monitoring on a file share

Postby » Tue Aug 09, 2016 11:44 am

Not out of the box. You'd need a import front end.

And just as a caution, you'd want to work out a way to transfer the files and then signal when to pick them up. Otherwise, you can have a condition where the files are being picked up before they are done being written.

Sometimes that's done with a "trigger" file. My preferred way is to write the files to one filename, and then rename it to what the import routine is looking for as a last step.
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Re: Batch class monitoring on a file share

Postby DavidCrewe » Wed Aug 10, 2016 12:51 pm

Russell is right, this requires some customisation, but it is relatively straightforward.

I have an import connector - easyIMPORT - which would help with this, and the filenaming method Russell describes generally works very well.
David Crewe

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