How to write my own function module?

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How to write my own function module?

Postby » Mon Apr 14, 2008 2:20 am

First you need to consider which transport you need: If you want to extend existing functionality (e.g. workitem creation) then you should use the transport with the relevant functionality. In most cases your function module will be something completely new and in that case you should use the BASE transport. It contains the minimal set of function modules required for the release script to communicate with SAP.

The release script requires certain parameters to be present in your function module:

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*"*"Local Interface:

System Parameters:

CONF_ARCHIVE_ID:The ID of the content respositorey (e.g. S1)
CONF_DOC_AVAILABLE: X for image available, space no image
ARCHIVE_DOC_ID: Contains the Archive Doc ID of the image.

- These parameters are filled by the release script automatically, they will not show up in the release script configuration screen.
- Obviously you need to use these parameters to create a link between the object you create and the released image.

Please note: Our release is a two step process: First we transfer the image to the content server and then we call a function module in SAP. The function module is responsible for taking care of the Meta information and linking of the image to some SAP object.

Custom Parameters:

- You can define as many as you want.
- Supported data types: RFC_CHAR and RFC_NUM
- Max length 255
- These parameters show up in Kofax Capture and can be linked to indexfields...

Table Parameters:
- Arbitrary number of tables supported.
- The colums of the tables can be linked in Kofax Capture.
- The name of tables should not exceed 26 characters.
- Z_KEYVALUE and Z_ROWKEYVALUE are reserved names. Do not the use these names for your table parameters.
- The base transport defines two special table types: ZDICOM_KV and ZDICOM_KC. Table paramters of this type are treated in a special way: They allow you define key/value pairs for linking.
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How to return error messages

Postby » Sun Oct 05, 2008 11:59 pm

At the moment the only way to get sensible error descriptions back to Kofax Capture you need to use the message statement with a message of type E. In case you do cannot use predefined messages or you do not want to customize your own messages you can also do it the lazy way:

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message id '00' type 'E' number 208 with 'Here is my error message'.
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