Field Preservation Script - Latest Information

Field Preservation Script - Latest Information

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An example script is provided with the sample project installed with Kofax e-Transactions 2.0. By default, this is installed to the following location: C:\Program Files\Kofax\e-Transactions\Receiver\KC Sample. This topic describes how this script should be used.


Recent testing has revealed that scripted preservation of the extraction class set by Kofax e-Transactions is not useful and actually interferes with scripted reclassification in complex mailroom projects. The preservation function PreserveKeTClass and the call to it from Document_BeforeProcessXDoc should be removed from the example script in all cases.


As previously documented in the Release Notes, the coordinates and values of fields extracted in Kofax e-Transactions Sender are overwritten by the Kofax Transformation Modules - Server module.

The example script is required if you are using one of the following versions of Kofax Transformation Modules:

• Ascent Xtrata Pro 3.1 with Service Pack 2
• Kofax Transformation Modules 3.5 with Service Pack 1
• Kofax Transformation Modules 4.0 without Service Pack 1

Use only the PreserveKeTInfo function, calling it from Document_BeforeExtract at project level.

Note If you are using Kofax Transformation Modules 4.0, Kofax recommends installing Service Pack 1 to remove the need for the example script.


For all versions of Kofax Transformation Modules (including Kofax Transformation Modules 4.0 with Service Pack 1) you will need to use a script to preserve line item data extracted within Kofax e-Transactions. These are stored to XValues rather than fields, so they cannot be preserved automatically. Use script code similar to the block towards the end of the PreserveKeTInfo function, which writes line item XValues to Kofax Transformation Modules table fields.
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