Additional Processing in Kofax Transformation Modules

Additional Processing in Kofax Transformation Modules

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The Kofax e-Transactions export class is one of the classes defined in your Kofax Transformation Modules project, but the project may contain further subclasses. To run additional classification and extraction, you will in most cases need to assign a script to the export class. The nature of this script is different for invoice and mailroom projects.


Figure. Mapping the Kofax e-Transactions Document Type to an Export Class

Invoice Projects

Important Kofax e-Transactions provides accurate line item extraction at the sending organization. If you are able to extract the data in Kofax e-Transactions, reclassification and further extraction in Kofax Transformation Modules is not required.

Your invoice project contains an “Invoice” base class, along with templates for each specific document layout.


Figure. Example Templates in a Kofax Transformation Modules Invoice Project

Typically, each sending organization provides invoices of a known document layout, so there is a one-to-one correspondence between sender name and invoice template. Therefore a script on the base class can be used to reclassify the document based on the value of a sender field, for example:


Figure. Reclassifying Based On Sender Data

Mailroom Projects

One or more sending organizations may have configured several templates for the document type “Other,” representing different document layouts. Several of these could all be from the same organization, so you cannot use sender data to distinguish between them.

Typically a mailroom project contains a flat structure of classes, for which classification is trained based on layout, text content or other factors. Each class contains locators configured for conditional extraction. The temporary class should be a parent to these classes (similar to an invoice base class), so fields containing sender data are inherited to the child classes.


Figure. Example Class Structure in a Kofax Transformation Modules Mailroom Project

1. Temporary class for Kofax e-Transactions export (map your document type to this class on the Exports tab of the Receiver Settings)
2. Permanent classes, for which locators are configured to extract class-specific data

In Kofax Transformation Modules 4.0, the classification stage of processing is bypassed when the Server module imports a Kofax e-Transactions document. Before extraction is run for the temporary export class, the document must be reclassified.

Use a script on the temporary export class to run full classification on a temporary “virtual” XDocument and reclassify the “real” XDocument based on this result.


Figure. Reclassifying Based On Classification of a Temporary XDocument
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