Cannot Install - KC Not Present

Cannot Install - KC Not Present

Postby » Tue Aug 17, 2010 6:25 am

Although this doesn't seem to be an active forum I thought I would post my problem anyways. Trying to install KeT 2.5 receiver and installation is stating, "Cannot install Kofax e-Transactions because Kofax Capture is not installed on this computer. Install Kofax Capture 8 SP5 or higher and run the Kofax e-Transactions installation again." I have KC 9 SP 1 installed and running fine. Documentation states KC 8 SP5 or KC 9, so the only conclusion I can draw as to why KeT does not see my Kofax installation is b/c I have KC 9 - SP1 and not just KC 9. Has anyone ran into this?

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