zones with invoices?

zones with invoices?

Postby » Thu Feb 13, 2014 5:44 am

I just found out from the help file that Kofax has "automatic registration"

¦If the layout is the same as the previous document, the existing zones are applied to the new document. Kofax Express automatically adjusts the zones to account for stretching and shifting that naturally occur between one page and the next. This process is called "automatic registration."

¦If the layout is different from the previous document, the previously memorized zones are not applied to the new document. If you manually enter index values for the new document, the existing zones are used again only if you advance later to another document with attributes that match the original document. If you draw different zones for the new document, they are applied to subsequent similar documents, and the previously drawn zones are discarded.

Has anyone tried using express with Invoices from the same company?

All I need to do is ready the header & footer information (no line items).
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