Kofax 8.0 - Fujitsu f1-6130 not recognized when reconnected

Kofax 8.0 - Fujitsu f1-6130 not recognized when reconnected

Postby woooopa » Fri Mar 27, 2009 2:23 pm

Happy Friday All,

This issue has been resolved and I wanted to record it and find out if anyone else has had something similar occur.

Scanner WS #1 had a Fujitsu f1-6130 installed, configured and running without issues.

In order to conduct a demo, WS#1 was shutdown along with the scanner. The scanner was then disconnected and connected to WS#2 which was powered down. We then determined that we didn't want to go through the uninstallation of VRS on WS#1 and install on WS#2. The scanner was then reconnected to WS#1 which was still powered down.

The scanner was connected to the same USB port (which shouldn't matter???) and Windows identified the scanner as a new piece of hardware. In the end, it was necessary to go into device manager and reinstall the driver which was already present on WS#1.

Shouldn't the scanner have been picked up as a previous device and worked without issue?
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Re: Kofax 8.0 - Fujitsu f1-6130 not recognized when reconnected

Postby russell@centuryc.com » Mon Apr 06, 2009 11:50 am

It should. If in fact you did plug it into the same USB port.

The reinstall has been observed to happen if you plug anything into a different USB port. So my bet is that you didn't get it into the same port.
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