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We just got our problem with this fixed. I hate to say it, but I have no idea what solved it (I was not personally involved), but a relatively huge amount of man hours went into this and the KC 9 site was more or less re-installed. I do not know how many times the scanning stations involved was re-installed.

The twist and turns made by the specialists involved would have me laughing - or at least smile - if it was in a lab or a class room training for creative magical trouble shooting and I was standing on the other side of the glass wall.

The core user case requirements here are painfully straightforward. This should be a non issue.
From an user point of view, it seems like perhaps a small mistake somewhere due to poor usability (mostly poor resilience to fatal configuration errors) creates a look up that is impossible to straighten out afterwards without complete reinstall and reactivation of licenses from the scratch.
I just speculate now about the root cause, but again, the core user case requirements here are painfully straightforward.
Red tape during the crisis doesn't help, but as the problem actually was fixed now I knock on wood and rest my case.

And in our case, all current service packs was used, or so I am told. I have not been informed of any fix packs added aside from actual service packs.
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