VRS usable for import of images

Re: VRS usable for import of images

Postby » Wed Dec 21, 2011 12:25 pm

amayer@us.ibm.com wrote:VRS auto rotate works by looking for machine print text on the page, and rotating the page to the text is oriented correctly.

If the page doesn't have machine print text it won't always work right, but works most of the time for our documents.

Yeah, but isn't this a scan device depended solution? You are not using this on 'soft import' are you?
Also, it is language depended is it not? (a handful specific languages, right?)

I must admit I haven't tried this VRS feature, only read about it (and seen in on YouTube!).
Have you noted any throughput improvement while intentionally rotate all papers before the scan session and then use the VRS feature?
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