VRS Elite - Multi-core support for quad core CPU

VRS Elite - Multi-core support for quad core CPU

Postby amayer@us.ibm.com » Thu Dec 01, 2011 2:23 pm


We are testing 140+ ppm scanners with VRS Elite. We scan at 300 dpi and have most VRS features enabled (Advanced Clarity, Auto brightness, Halftone, auto rotate, content based back page deletion).

We have tested with two dual core computers and one quad core computer.

We can get VRS to fully utilize both CPUs in dual core system, but can't get it to utilize all 4 cores on an XEON quad core system. If we disable 2 cores on the BIOS, it's only 5% slower.

Has anyone been able to get VRS Elite with sp1 to make full use of 4 cores in a CPU?


1) We had to set the multi-core feature to 'On' instead of 'Auto' to get it to fully utilize a dual core CPU.
2) On our quad core machine, Kofax create 4 VRSServer.exe processes on our quad core machine, but it only keeps two of them busy. It appears that Kofax Capture 9 sp1 only keeps 2 of the 4 VRSServer.exe processes busy.

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Re: VRS Elite - Multi-core support for quad core CPU

Postby TheOrbix » Wed Feb 29, 2012 1:45 pm


We are soon going to use a brand new 140ppm Kodak scanner with KC9 and VRS (not the Elite version, we'll likely upgrade to VRS Elite when we will move all our platform to KC10).

According to your experience, what is the recommended hardware (CPU and memory) to maximixe the scanner performances?
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