Image controls replacement?

Image controls replacement?

Postby » Mon May 28, 2012 9:59 pm


We have our own scanning program based on Image Controls.
I have a potential client for this program.
They have old B+H 8100 scanners w/adrenalin board.
However it seems that Image Controls became obsolete.
Are they still available?
What components replaces the Image Controls? Dot.Image?
What can I use for scanning on those scanners (I'm aware of Kofax Capture but I need a cheaper solution).
I don't post on the Image Controls form since it's more of a VRS issue.

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Re: Image controls replacement?

Postby » Tue May 29, 2012 11:31 am

Unfortunately, there were 3 different scanner "lines" that used the 8100 model number.

Copyscan 8000 - As far as I know, they were not VRS capable.
Copyscan 8000 Plus - Uses a 1700 card. Can only run VRS 1.x (I think 1.05 being the most recent)
Spectrum - Uses some model of 650 card. Can be run under VRS 3.x or 4.x . (4.5 being the most recent)

I think the last two will self-license under VRS. No codes or dongles needed. I'm not sure, but there may have been non-VRS versions of some of the models above. The 8000 Plus used a "video" connection, while the Spectrum was SCSI. If that doesn't match what you have, then it's probably not a VRS model.

I'm not sure what to suggest for scanning software. You'll get VCDemo, but it's really more of a test/diagnostic "proof of operation" program then a scanning application.
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