VRS Elite 5.1 settings/scan driver settings not staying?

VRS Elite 5.1 settings/scan driver settings not staying?

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Just got VRS Elite 5.1.0078 on a Windows XP SP3 scan station with KC Users report that VRS profiles does not work as intended. It seems that some settings cross linked on the scan driver do not save correctly - or stay ‘saved’. I suspect this may be related to the users or support personnel browse VRS profiles in the VRS Admin console to check out the settings. Not sure though. Not easy to prove.

While trouble shooting, they enter the Source Properties within the loaded scan profile in the scan module, press Advanced and enter VRS.

In production scan and VRS profiles are set up to load automatically; the users never choose profiles manually.

While trying to figuring out what is happening (not easy) we noticed several odd things in the VRS Admin console GUI:
The * sign on the profile name shows up afterwards, meaning when entering again just after. There was no * sign when leaving, but when re-entering just after, there is a * from the start.
Also, we noticed that the question "Are you sure you want to discard settings and close?" may show up on these profiles even if we are sure no one has changed anything in the GUI, just browsed the settings and looked into the driver settings.
Both these things seem possible to reproduce. Not sure about the significance though.

Here is a trickier thing:
Browsing the VRS profiles, entering scan settings, existing, switching scan profile, entering VRS and entering scan settings again may show a changed scan setting (this setting is on or off on different profiles on the scan station). Personally, I have an old habit of only checking the VRS profile loaded with entering from the scan profile, but I can't say I heard or read one cannot look into other VRS profiles also without unintentionally changing anything (and the VRS profile name does not get a * while changing what profile one looks at, not right then anyway!).

The people involved on site are experienced Windows users and have long user experience from Kofax Capture.

On earlier VRS 4.x on the same scan station, the users never noticed this kind of problems. I cannot say with certainty if the partial reset of settings is coming from any user interaction or not, but it is certainly no obvious miss usage. As I understand it, the users are pretty sure the settings disappear even before entering the VRS Admin console: they notice in the scan result that settings are simply not there anymore.
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