Kodak Ngenuity Multi Feed Issue

Kodak Ngenuity Multi Feed Issue

Postby nvang » Tue Mar 11, 2014 2:45 pm

Scanner Software: Diamond Vision
Scanner: Kodak Ngenuity 9125DC
VRS: 5.0 Pro, Product Version 5.00.933 Kodak
Operating System: Windows 8

When a multi feed is detected and the auto resolve is prompt and I click the MF-IGNORE on the scanner, the image that it capture along with the rest of the images that is still on the scanner, is light. It seems like the auto brightness and contrast is automatically turn on and is applied to the multi feed image plus the rest of the images until I stop the scan. When looking at the auto resolve screen, the brightness on the bottom of the image is set to 35 and contrast to 40. my vrs profile that I use has the brightness set to 69 and contrast to 62. I want it use my setting thru out the scan when it runs into the multi feed error. How can I resolve this?
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