kScanCntrl scanner capacity methods return incorrect data

kScanCntrl scanner capacity methods return incorrect data

Postby » Wed Mar 11, 2009 6:30 am

I'm using a adrenaline imaging engine 1700 with the Image control tool kit in the MFC Visual C++ design environment. Per the programmers guide drop down menus are provided with the software in the menu bar(not the code), but to make the system easier to use I'm adding dialog boxes to provide user controls on the main page. I use the various methods getScanDPICap, getScanSizeCap...to obtain bit field representations of available settings. From here I & with the provided enumerators from kscanctrl and populate the menu boxs appropriately. My problem is the bit field that is returned does not accurately represent the settings of the scanner. The menu bar settings only provide 200 and 300 DPI while my method yields all DPI settings less than 300. Trying to use these gives an error. How do I truly find functionality of the scanner?
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