Kofax View Control

Kofax View Control

Postby rlopez » Wed Jul 27, 2011 5:03 am

I am attempting to instantiate a KVIEW.KViewCtrl.1 control in my c++ project without success. I have VRS installed and the demo application works fine. I am using a GUI toolkit made by Nokia called QT that allows for cross platform development. I know what your thinking, Kofax controls are windows only! That's fine, the code will skip the kofax control on a non-windows platform.

Here is the code:

m_pKofaxView = new QAxWidget( "KIPP ImageControls Toolkit STANDARD 134892734", m_mainSplit );
if ( ! m_pKofaxView->setControl("KVIEW.KViewCtrl.1") )
QMessageBox::critical( this, "Kofax Error", "Error: Unable to create KView control." );

I don't expect everyone to understand what is happening here but you can see it is similar to how a control is created in the Win32 world. QAxWidget is an active-x container object

In any event, I believe the control "Window" is built because my program shows the Kofax window when it is launched.

When I drag an drop an image onto the control I get the following error:

"Unhandled Error in 'KView.Ctl.cpp' at line 5132.

Now I know this must mean something to a Kofax engineer. If so, could someone point me in the right direction? Keep in mind that the demo application works just fine.

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Re: Kofax View Control

Postby rlopez » Wed Jul 27, 2011 8:35 am

Just as a follow up, it appears that the control IS being created but not working as expected. I set several parameters of the control as follows:

m_pKofaxView->dynamicCall( "ScrollBars", "TRUE"); // Scroll bars YES
m_pKofaxView->dynamicCall( "DropEnabled", "TRUE"); // Drop enabled YES
m_pKofaxView->dynamicCall( "BandingMode", KVBANDINGMODEMOUSEUPZOOM); // Left click ZOOM YES
m_pKofaxView->dynamicCall( "BandingRight" ,KVBANDINGMODEPAN); // Right click Drag YES
m_pKofaxView->dynamicCall( "FitHeight", "TRUE");
m_pKofaxView->dynamicCall( "FitWidth", "TRUE");
m_pKofaxView->dynamicCall( "Gray", "TRUE");

These calls set various properties of the control and do not fail.

However, when I try to drop any kind of image on the control I get the error "Unhandled Error in 'KViewCtl.cpp' at line 5132.

Any ideas? thanks.
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