Read settings from ini file problem - kscan control

Read settings from ini file problem - kscan control

Postby schwenksepp » Thu Sep 20, 2007 3:11 am

Hello everybody!

I encountered a problem with the KSACTIONREADINI action of the scan control.

Why is there a need to reserve a device BEFORE loading the settings from the ini file? The device I want to use is defined IN the settings file? This causes the following problem:

1. Configure "File Import" as standard source via Kofax source manager (control panel).
2. Start my kscan application.
3. Reserve a device (otherwise loading the device settings in step 4 causes a device unreserved exception)
4. Load settings from ini file including a DeviceAlias for my "Fujitsu scanner". THERE ARE NO ERRORS!!!
5. Loading the settings is successful, but still "FileImport" is used as DeviceAlias?

So my application only works if the default device in the kofax source manager is the same as the DeviceAlias in the settings file. I don't know how to handle default device changes via the kofax source manager via image controls. As a result the application won't work although a correct settings file is shipped along with the application.

Any hints are very welcome. If this problem is discussed in a different post please drop me a reference.

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Read settings from ini file problem - kscan control

Postby » Fri Dec 14, 2007 5:50 pm


The settings written to the INI file are only valid when a source is enabled. Yes, it is true that the source information is written to the INI file, it isn't used when the INI file is read. Perhaps this is something that coule be an enhancement for a future version.

In the meantime, you will have to read the INI file programmatically and find the source information. Then you can use it to connect to the source, and then load the INI file.
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