Image Controls with VRS will pay $$$$

Image Controls with VRS will pay $$$$

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We are a long time Image Controls user and we are adjusting to the VRS world. MY question is when starting a batch with vrs and our VB Image controls program is there anyway to get the dovents to fire while the scanner is waiting for a new image. So Im looking for a way to get some control back to the app after the page done event and before the next page start event while in batch mode. We used to be able to use the idle event to use doevents but that does not fire with VRS

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Image Controls with VRS will pay $$$$

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There is an Idle event in the KScan control that you can use to call DoEvents(). If you have installed the ImageControls toolkit you should have the source to the VBDemo program. It uses the Idle event for just this purpose.
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