How to fix or to adjust size of .tiff file in Kofax?

How to fix or to adjust size of .tiff file in Kofax?

Postby » Wed Jul 30, 2008 2:55 am


My application process files under .tiff file format. The scanner is configured with resolution of 200 dpi.

During recognition process in kofax, all batches that contains tiff file with size more than 200 kb are not recognize, these one go in the quality control queue, because pages whose .tiff file sizes are more than 200 kb are rejected. From the quality control, when I check every rejected page, I see the following message in the field <Page Note> value: "the Size of file exceeds 200 KB (actual: 202,4 KB)"

Is that someone know where can I fix or ajust size of the tif file in Kofax?

For other tiff file that size is less or equal to 200 kb, there is no problem.

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What version of Kofax are You using? I have seen WAY larger files scanned and processed in Kofax..
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