Com Status errors and kview

Com Status errors and kview

Postby » Tue Apr 03, 2007 4:37 pm

I am really confused. We have Kofax installed on 3 citrix servers, provided from a third party processor. They image our items for us and we then view them thru their application. We started getting Com status return error 0x800a4e26---Cannot Load Stoage/Document Filters, and when click okay, we then get
Error: Property value is invalid at line 522 in my_set+entry (proc Get_signature_card(): =====>kview2->ZoneAction=6

I have tried getting help from our vendor but they cannot figure out the solution. What is strange, there is not consistency between my users and the citrix server they are on. One use has no problem at all from any server (3) Another user can't view the images on 2 servers, but can on 1, the next day the same user will have a problem on a server they used the day before.

Permissions error????? Where do I go for help? I have spent hours trying to resolve this and need HELP!!!
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