Adrenaline 850 with Fujitsu M4097d install

Adrenaline 850 with Fujitsu M4097d install

Postby » Fri Jul 27, 2007 6:51 am

Ok, I've been through the talk on how to install the old drivers with capture 7.5 because we have the Fujitsu M4097D scanner. We have a PC that is supposedly slow relesasing a batch. To eliminate the 7.5 upgrade as the issue (or some other software anomoly) we are attempting to rebuild this machine from a base OS install.

The computer has an Adrenaline 850 card with the 4097d scanner.

Per the previously followed instructions, we:

1. Installer AHRT.
2. Installed AIPE.
3. Create the source for the scanner in KSM.

at this point we should be able to do a test scan from the scanner. We are unable to do so. If I follow this same procedure on a machine with an Adrenaline 650 card, the scanner works perfectly at this point.

Anyway, on the machine with the 850 card, when I select the source with the VCDEMO program, we gat a box that says NO DEVICE FOUND. and scanning the BUS offers no help. It then says to check the cables/power.

When I look at the current installation on this PC (the one that is currently installed and working), creating a new source has an entry for "Kofax Adrenaline Hardware Accelerator". The new installation after step 3 only shows the ISIS drivers (which don't appear to work here).

Can anybody shed some light on what I need to do differently for the 850 card?


Note this was also posted in Ascent Capture Forum before I found this one.
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Postby » Fri Jul 27, 2007 9:40 am

I don't think step 1 "took". I believe that's the step that installs the drivers and such for the 850. I'm not 100% on what "AHRT" is, but it's probably a version of Image Controls. Make sure it was installed to use Adrenaline hardware.

You'll need to unstall everything, use IPSnoop and start over.
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