Fujitsu 3099

Fujitsu 3099

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I see from some of the discussions that there a a few operators of these old Fujitsu scanners. I have a 30099 GX - also an ebay purchase-which works very well via an equally ancient laptop running windows98 and an Adaptec slim scsi module. Has anyone any experience in connecting one of these to an Adrenaline 1700 board or come to that any version of the Adrenaline series? I am particulary interested in finding a board/driver combination which could work in WindowsXP (Fujitsu only have a Windows98 TWAIN driver for this scanner). Could I get better results using a VRS package and if so is it still possible to buy a licence for version 3.5 which I understand is the only version which will work with this scanner. Needless to say I'm doing this on a shoestring ...! However I have learned a great deal about paper scanning since I started using this machine and I'm still collecting a lot of useful information.
Thanks in advance for your help.
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