Re-Submit batches in Error

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Re-Submit batches in Error

Postby VJ » Thu Oct 30, 2008 4:21 am

We have integrated Capio 1.52 with Ascent Capture 7.0 using Ascent Collection Server..

We have been recieving batches in Error, with the error - "Duplicate batch name". The batch names are concatenation of StationName, Username, Batch count of the user, which ensures no duplicate entries can be recieved. However, The reason for the error was, the batch count instead of incrementing by 1, got incremented by 2 for certain batches. for example - batch numbers go like this.. 100, 101, 103, 103, 104.. as you see the number 102 was skipped and counted as 103. but what is suprising is that the next batch was also named as 103.. Can anyone explain this ???

Now, eventhough we cannot prevent batches from going into error, we tried to re-submit the batch in error into "BatchStorage" folder with appropriate xml and document. But I have no clue about the contents of the "Flag" text file that should be in "TobeImported" folder pointing to the xml in "BatchStorage" folder. Can anyone help with this ? Is this the right approach to re-submit the form ? If yes, what is the format of the flag text file that should be put in "TobeImported" folder ???

Awaiting a quick response....
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