Tracking batches submitted from DES

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Tracking batches submitted from DES

Postby » Tue Mar 31, 2009 4:13 pm

I am trying to track a document or batch that is submitted from DES and status of it in Capture as it passes through different process. I have all the data points both in 'DES' and 'Catpure' to track it seperately, but the glue between them is missing.
When the document is released from DES, it tracks it using 'backenddocument_id', and the folder in ascent collection server is created through that 'ID'.
But later when the batch is loaded into batchmanager, it has a totally different ID.
Is there a way to track the batch/document 'ID' that is passed from DES into capture or how it relates to that 'ID'. I checked couple of properties on batch in capture like 'Batch GUID/External Batch ID/Logical batchID', but none of them match to the 'ID' that is being passed from DES.

Any pointers to this would be helpful.

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