Image Cleanup Profiles for Faxes coming through KCIC 2.0

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Image Cleanup Profiles for Faxes coming through KCIC 2.0

Postby zkerawalla » Thu Apr 22, 2010 11:56 am

We are planning to route incoming faxes coming from RightFax Server into Kofax Capture by using Kofax Fax product and index them for storage using OCR

My questions are :

Q1) Are there any suggested Image Cleanup profiles to cleanup Faxes ?

Q2) I plan to OCR documents coming into Fax ? Is there a specific font size , font type, DPI (Dots per inch for Faxes) recommended for Kofax ?

Q3) Is there any documentation available specifically for OCRing Faxes coming through ?
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Re: Image Cleanup Profiles for Faxes coming through KCIC 2.0

Postby dkekesi » Thu Apr 22, 2010 11:58 pm

The problem with faxes is that it is the sending party who has absolute control of image quality and resolution. Faxes are usually sent in 96 dpi resolution, which is the lowest fax resolution per standard. This is the fastest (since less data is sent via the line) and most cost effective (for the same reasons) way of faxing. 96 dpi, however, is not really something that OCR engines like. Also some fax machines (especially the older ones) leave smears, blotches, speckles on the image. Good luck removing that while retaining data. If you have the chance to control the fax machines on the sending end then you can set them to send at 300 dpi. This will result considerable improvement in image quality but will also make the transfer a lot slower (personnel on the sending end might start to complain real soon).
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