KCIC-Folder errors with no reason on import

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KCIC-Folder errors with no reason on import

Postby » Tue Dec 14, 2010 1:46 am

KCIC-Folder 4.1 R3 (FR0406P3, dll version
Win2K8 Enterprise SP2 64Bit

This is a call that's raised with support but I'm wondering if anyone else in the wider world can help.

When a folder of docs is dropped into the watched folder, the folder is processed and passed to the ERROR\Imported folder without any record of an actual error. The batch does not appear in Batch Manager. I can manually create a batch of the destination Batch Class with no problem on the same server using the same account. The logged in/service account has full access / admin rights on all relevant servers / locations. I can run KCIC-Folder with the same config on a XP desktop with the same account with no problems which makes me think it's a 64bit problem but v4.1 is supposed to support 64bit operating systems.

[14/12/2010 09:16:57] [MESSAGE] Processing Package: \\**SERVER**\**WATCHED_FOLDER**\.staging\c5c39d6e-5436-4afc-940f-16e86fc0683c.flag
[14/12/2010 09:17:01] [MESSAGE] Batch has started to import. Name: 'To Be Determined', Batch Class: 'AutoImport'
[14/12/2010 09:17:02] [MESSAGE] Batch Archived:[32] 14/12/2010 09:17:01 AutoImport **SERVER**;Error Path:D:\KCIC-F\ERRORS\Imported\32-14_12_2010 09_17_01 AutoImport **SERVER**-AutoImport\
[14/12/2010 09:17:02] [MESSAGE] Package has been completed.
[14/12/2010 09:17:02] [MESSAGE] Package Cleaned:\\**SERVER**\**WATCHED_FOLDER**\.staging\c5c39d6e-5436-4afc-940f-16e86fc0683c.flag
[14/12/2010 09:17:15] [MESSAGE] AutoImport License Disconnected

KC9 log:

"01","14/12/2010 09:17:01 AutoImport **SERVER**",""

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Re: KCIC-Folder errors with no reason on import

Postby » Tue Feb 01, 2011 2:13 pm

I can't help you Neil, but I am interested in the response you get from Support, as we're playing around with KCIC - Folders with a view to using it on a similar server config (Win2k8 R2 64bit). So far, no issues in Dev, but it hasn't really been pushed - just played with a couple of times.
- Hayden
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Re: KCIC-Folder errors with no reason on import

Postby » Wed Feb 02, 2011 2:00 am


This still isn't resolved. My next instruction from support is to switch to using a SQL account (like sa) rather than a domain account......can't see why, but I'll have a bash when I get the chance. However, not being attached to the project any more does make things a little dificult to arrange. I'll post updates when I have them.

It only seems to happen when attempting to run KCIC-F on a PDF/Release workstation........it's fine if I run it on the central server......odd!

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