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Postby » Wed Oct 17, 2012 1:56 pm

I agree Matt, we're skipping AEF and going for KIC-ED 2.0.
But the functionality is basically the same.

Instead of AEF, we had KCS installed with the KCS "Capture Connector" - which turns out was KIC-Web Services in beta (well, a slightly different version, but programmed by the same team).

A couple of things to watch out for with PDFs. PDFs that can take field input - "Adobe LiveCycle" created PDFs, cannot be converted by the built-in PDF converter. You need to point it at another application that can convert those types of PDFs (like Sumatra). This is an area that confuses me with these Kofax products, as Kofax Capture will happily convert a LiveCycle PDF into TIFF if you import one with the "treat PDF as TIFF" option set, but KIC can't replicate that functionality.

It might be an idea to import everything as a PDF rather than a TIFF, then let Capture sort it out. We've actually had great results from importing (using a different tool) email attachments as PDFs, as KC creates a display image (up to 24bit colour) and a nicely VRS'd 1bit image. That's really important when we get poorly scanned image saved as a jpg or pdf and sent to us via email.
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