PDF Generator process slowdown

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PDF Generator process slowdown

Postby » Mon Nov 21, 2011 2:24 pm

I'm using the XML import connector with an xml driver file and .tif images being imported. I then run the Validation module to assign index data. The next module is the PDF Generator module. My test process has about 1000 documents which have about 2500 pages. Initial processing is quite fast with 3-5 tif documents processed each second. By the time it get towards the end of the 1000 documents it's down to 1-3 seconds per tif document. I'm concerned how slow it will get say after 5000 or will it just stop. We are running with 4 Gig ram and 4 processors on the server. Nothing else is running during the test.

Does anyone know why this slowdown is happening and what we need to change to fix it. I need to run about 1 million documents through this process in groups of x documents. I'd prefer not to have to have 1000 batches of 1000 documents if possible. This would make it very person intensive for us.

thanks..Larry Newhouse
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