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XML Validation Data

Postby » Thu Jul 31, 2014 6:15 am

I am moving into unchartered territory as far as Kofax development and features. I am going to ask the question as I think I understand it and hopefully someone will tell me I am on track and wildly wrong.

We are going to start allowing clients to upload documents through the web. Because they will be logged in, we will be able to capture their client account number and other data (exactly what is to be determined).

We were planning on taking the uploads and dropping them into folders and then importing through KIC.

If I remember correctly KIC can be configured to poll sub folders.

So if we dropped each image into a sub folder, do we drop the image and a separate XML file into that folder with the index fields we can capture? Do we need subfolders as long as the image name and xml file name are unique?

Does the XML file need to be the same name as the image? Is there any particular format for the XML file?

Will KIC delete the XML file the same way it deletes the image on import?

I know a lot of questions but I quite didn't get the XML discussion in the KIC manual.

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