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KC DR settings

Postby » Tue Nov 06, 2012 2:07 pm

Hey, I'm just reading the KC9 Installation Guide - chapter 6 Disaster Recovery.
Do I need KCNS to be installed & configured to use any/all of these features?

I note that in our original setup, the Kofax Professional Services consultant who did it, changed the ACConfig xml to include the Backup Shared License server & the automatic batch backup. But the automatic batch backup isn't doing anything... (luckily we haven't had to use the backup shared license server)

And then there is this note at the top of page 68:
Note The Disaster Recovery feature ensures recovery of batches that were created at remote sites,
but provides no recovery solution for batches created at a central site.

So does that mean that in order for DR to work, all of my sites would need to be set up as remote sites?

We're just trying to get our heads around the DR for our solution, and whilst we have a DR system that works, we have no way of replicating batches, or not potentially rescanning or losing all batches currently in any Kofax queue.

Any thoughts?
- Hayden
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