Email Solution

Email Solution

Postby » Wed Aug 08, 2007 3:06 am

I am new to KOFAX Ascent Capture and Ascent Xtrata Pro software. We are planning to use Ascent Xtrata Pro for document classification and data extraction as well. Input can come from variuos sources.

1. Scanned images of Paper correspondence.
2. Email with an attachment
3. Fax document.

We know that ,Ascent Xtrata Pro can take TIF image file as an input for document processing but when it comes to email we need to understand can we configure Xtrata pro to read email from Email server and classify it based on the content of the email and attachment as well.

1. Is it true that Ascent Xtrata pro can only take TIF image as an input?

2. For EMail do we have to convert email to some image format before wee feed in into Ascent Xtrata Pro?

Appreciate your response.
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