Issues/articles marked as 1.5 still valid for 1.7 SP1?

Issues/articles marked as 1.5 still valid for 1.7 SP1?

Postby » Tue Nov 20, 2007 7:34 am

I have seen a number of kb articles on Xtrata tagged with 1.5, but not the current 1.7.
Is it a fair assumption that most issues/articles are still relevant on 1.7?
I guess there is a general policy at Kofax to update the tags on the articles, but it seems reasonable to think there could be some delay.

One example on where 1.7 is not mentioned
Does this mean that the issue was fixed in 1.7 or that the 1.7 tag has not been added to the article yet?

It could potentially be very helpful to get a more detailed and up to date scope of kb articles. At what date and version an issue was de facto introduced in the software for example; this could help narrow down if a symptom one has seen could be the issue described in the article (yes, a list of versions covered is often showed, but not always).
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