Questions on Xtrata installation as services again

Questions on Xtrata installation as services again

Postby » Sun Dec 09, 2007 11:57 am

It was a while ago I looked into this so bear with please.

I have wondered now and then for some time about exactly why there is a special installation utility, XtrataServiceInstaller.exe, for Xtrata if one wants to run Xtrata as a service.
It was a long time ago I did this hands on, but if memory serves me, the process of making NT Services was quite different on other modules, such as Recognition- or Release Servers. No Kofax tool used for these as I remembers it...

So, what’s the deal with Xtrata?
Is it up to the customer to decide if the NT Service installation utility should be used or not or is it the Kofax supported option?

I think I did have some questions marks on how that utility behaved... And I believe I was also distracted by the remark in the release note that User Profiles was not supported.
The option "Delete definition batches" only had one single sentence of explanation in the release notes: "Select this option to delete the batches after processing." and that didn't tell my much at all. Considering that the word “Deleteâ€
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