unable to uninstall xtrata 1.5 SP2

unable to uninstall xtrata 1.5 SP2

Postby » Tue Dec 18, 2007 2:04 am

I hope someone can help me with this issue.

I've performed an upgrade of AC7 to AC7.5.
However, I didn't perform an upgrade of xtrata to 1.7 prior on upgrading AC.

The installation manual lists to have Xtrata 1.5 uninstalled before installing xtrata 1.7

No problem I thought. Just a simple uninstall.
After starting the installation wizard to uninstall 1.5 it tells me that 1.5 only works with AC6.1 or AC7.0. This means I'm not able to uninstall xtrata 1.5 SP2. Not with the wizard nor with "Add/Remove programs".

Does anybody know how to uninstall xtrata 1.5 so I can perform an installation of xtrata 1.7

Any suggestions would be welcome

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