Ascent Custom String Variable Set/Get

Ascent Custom String Variable Set/Get

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We use Indicius Classificaiton & Separation for document classification. We are also trying to read document level barcode field in the same project. We are able to do so by setting recognition object definition & calling process method. But system is not able to set Ascent Document Index field in pre-classificaiton & separation ifv file. So following method does not work: Recog.SetAscentIndexField "PrepperID", strBarcodeValue
We are able to set batch level index field using call like : Recog.SetAscentBatchField "PrepperID1",strBarcodeValue

AFter going through Indicius script help, we set custom string using call like : Recog.SetAscentDocumentCustomString "Global.PrepID", strBarcodeValue

In Post Classification & Separation, we have following code:

Sub OnDocumentImport(lEnvelope, lDocument)
Dim sValue
sValue = Ascent.GetDocumentCustomStorageString("Global.PrepID")
Batch.Envelopes.Item(lEnvelope).Documents.Item(lDocument).CustomValues.SetValue "PrepID", sValue
End Sub

Sub OnDocumentExport(lEnvelope, lDocument)
Dim sValue
sValue = Batch.Envelopes.Item(lEnvelope).Documents.Item(lDocument).CustomValues.GetValue ("PrepID")
Ascent.SetDocumentIndexField "PrepperID", sValue
End Sub

But still we are not able to set ascent field with required value.
Please advise.

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I don't believe there are any known issues with those functions. In order to explore what might be causing your particular problem, I suggest you submit this issue to your local INDICIUS support contact.
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