Handling Rule Based C&S for Barcoded pages with Page Nos

Handling Rule Based C&S for Barcoded pages with Page Nos

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We are using AC 7.5 and Indicius 5.0. We have a Kofax batch class that has C&S module. We get muliplte page barcoded documents which has Document Type and Page nnn of mmm encoded. We read this barcode value in C&S and based of the current page no (nnn) and total pages (mmm) we mark the pages as _start (page no 1), _middle (any pages in between) and _end (last page) and also set the PageType/DocumentType (Rule based C&S). Also, for pages having barcodes which is read successfully we don't pass it through advanced classification. It works fine if we receive all pages for a documents and in the correct order ie. the document has the correct doc type and doc boundaries expected. But if either of the pages are missing (especially first and last pages) or not is the right order then we are having problems as not all remaining pages are output as 1 document and some lose the pagetype value set as well. Can we do some custom logic for this problem? Is there any alternative way to achieve this in Rule based separation?
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